The Barkeep: by William Lashner -- Sidekick

The Barkeep: by William Lashner -- Sidekick

Product Description

Justin Chase is the bartender at Zenzibar, and he follows his own misguided path of Zen philosophy in The Barkeep. After finding his mother's murdered body six years ago, Justin built a wall that shields him from his emotions. An alcoholic named Birdie Grackle finally breaks through that wall when he sits down at the bar and offers information on the real murderer behind his mother's case. William Lashner draws readers into the vivid world of alcoholics, addicts, and gamblers, while providing twists and turns throughout The Barkeep.

Pick up a copy of this reading sidekick to enhance your experience of The Barkeep and gain more from Lashner's latest crime mystery. Explore the world the author has created while reading an expert's analysis of each chapter. The realistic dialogue and imperfect characters in The Barkeep bring this story to life as you witness Justin's quest to uncover the true killer behind his mother's case. Readers gain a close-up view of the dangers of addiction, while becoming immersed in the confusion of Justin's emotionally suppressed mind. This sidekick for The Barkeep allows you to delve deeper into the dynamic characters, discover the prevalence of addiction, and understand the author's inclusion of Zen philosophy in this thrilling mystery.

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