Mortal: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Mortal: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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Edited by Monique Happy Editorial Services
114,000 words. Approximately 450 pages.
"Through a combination of tight, well-structured plots and fully realized
characters, Chesser has emerged as one of the top Indie writers in the

Joe McKinney-

2012 Bram Stoker Award winner and Best Selling author of the Dead World
"Shawn is the author of the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Series, a run that
so far includes five of the best military zombie writing out there, including
Trudge, Soldier On, In Harm’s Way, A Pound of Flesh, and Allegiance."

Joe McKinney-

Mortal, Book 6 in the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series, picks up immediately where "Allegiance: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse" left off.

Warning Spoilers Ahead.

Outbreak - Day 16: With an estimated ninety-nine percent of the United States’ population having already succumbed to the Omega Virus and reanimated to form roving hordes of flesh-eating monsters, two groups of survivors struggle against long odds to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Returning from a mission to secure the brain power necessary to replicate an antiserum that has successfully brought one Omega-infected man back from the brink of death, the stealth helicopter carrying Captain Cade Grayson and his small team of Delta Force operators responsible for successfully pulling off the daring feat goes missing.

Fearing that the helo has gone down in the zombie-infested countryside somewhere near Pierre, South Dakota, the life—or death—of the men may depend on a decision made by Major Freda Nash, five hundred miles away. Will she send all available resources to search for the missing Ghost Hawk and the eight men aboard? Or will she be forced to put her personal feelings aside for the good of mankind and shift the focus solely to seeing that the aircraft carrying the scientists rescued from the NML, Canada’s answer to the CDC, makes it safely back to Schriever AFB?

Meanwhile, awaiting Cade’s return at Schriever AFB, Brooklyn Grayson and daughter Raven are making final preparations to leave Schriever for the compound near Eden, Utah, when a soldier shows up on their doorstep, unannounced and bearing heartbreaking news.

Four hundred miles northwest of Schriever, Logan Winters, his brother, Duncan, and a group of survivors newly arrived from Jackson Hole struggle to adapt to life at the Eden Compound—forced to deal not only with the threats posed by the insatiable dead, but also with a group of marauders hell-bent on taking everything they hold dear.

Our survivors find out, up close and personal, who is Mortal, and who will survive to fight another day.

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Wow!!, July 22, 2014
I am still loving this story and these characters! This story keeps you turning pages and hoping for a sequel!!

Five Stars, July 22, 2014
Absolutely love Shawn Chesser's novels. Very well written and technically correct (other than the whole reanimated dead thing).

A story-free Ebook., July 21, 2014
Seems as though the author ran out of story. The last two books were just not even readable. . . . Too much minute detail and no real story or action. Major disappointment. I purchase book 6 and 7 but will not purchase or read anything by this author. I feel cheated. It is like he just wanted to sell a few books so he threw together anything. Awful. Just awful.

I truly enjoyed this series, July 19, 2014
I truly enjoyed this series. From the first book to the latest. I recommend this series based on how the writers description and ability to keep the reader enthralled.

Cade and company rock, July 14, 2014
Another good one from Chesser.

Cade and his team got the scientists out of Canada. The operation was tough because there were survivors besides the the scientists they were trying to rescue. Getting to a safe LZ turned into mission from hell. The whole mission was one Cade undertook even though he and Brook have made plans to leave the base and head for Duncan's brothers compound.

The scientists and survivors are loaded in the Osprey and head for base. Cade and his team load up in Ari's Ghost Hawk. A birdstrike brings the chopper down in South Dakota.

Gains and Tice are dead and co-pilot Durant is bitten by walkers who rush the crashed bird and get at him through the cockpit windows. Ari is badly shaken and still strapped in. Cade has a badly twisted ankle. A local named Jasper moves in to assist them.

Back at base Ghost Hawk is way overdue for check in and Nash is beginning to think something is wrong. She sends for Brook, a Brook who knows something is up when Davis comes for her.

Duncan and his crew at Logans compound are having problems with a band of locals. A band of locals who want everything they have. They also have another group out there who have no problem killing. These guys have Little Birds and Blackhawks. Ian Bishops men.

So begins another damned fine read by Chesser.

This one has Cade, Ari, Lopez, Jasper, Cross, Hicks, one super Herc pilot, a highway loaded with walkers, crashed vehicles and death, a race to get to a pick up point, a Duncan with revenge on his mind, death, murder , Cade, Brook, Raven, Max, Wilson, Sasha and Taryn all on the way to Logans compound and another kick ass story by Chesser.

Another Five Stars for one helluva read.

Great Read, July 7, 2014
I have read the entire series so far and took my time with Mortal, awaiting the newest book, which just came out. Shawn Chesser is a great author and keeps you wanting more. He has you rooting for the good guys in the book and wishing the bad guys get eaten by the zombies. Not everyone is a Zombie Apocalypse fan, but of you are, I am pretty sure you will live this series as much as I do.

can't stop reading!, July 4, 2014
I must say I am not an avid reader but I just can not put these books down! I have never in my life read a book more than once but I can and have read this series again. Love love love it!

I couldn't finish, June 30, 2014
I was a huge fan of his series up until now. Parts of the story were too long and drawn out. And the book was overall boring. Not his best work, and it turned me off for good.

The saga continues, June 15, 2014
If you read this book chances are that you read the other books. Chesser is not losing steam. As a matter of fact he is still full throttle ahead. If you liked the other books you will love this one.
Can't wait for the next one.

Awesome series, June 11, 2014
Having read a ton of books in this genre and truly being a devoted zompoc fiction fan- I have to say that the Surviving the Apocalypse series is among the best there is. You truly cannot just read the first book without devouring all the rest. Get this series. It's worth every penny, every minute...