Instruments of War (Warlock Sagas Book 1)

Instruments of War (Warlock Sagas Book 1)

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Makeda , Supreme Archdomina of House Balaash, is known throughout the Iron Kingdoms for her leadership of the mighty Skorne Empire, but it was not always so…

Before the coming of the Skorne Empire into the west, Makeda was little more than the second child of a great house, but through her will, determination, and adherence to the code of hoksune, she rose above all others.

For the first time the secrets of both Makeda and her people are revealed in the tale of their epic struggle for honor and survival in Instruments of War. A novella of the Iron Kingdoms.

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A great novella, May 23, 2014
I have read most of Mr Correia's books and enjoyed them.
This story is continues this trend , telling the story of how Makada became head of her house.

Even for people who do not play or read hordes fiction this is a good story.

A quick read, April 9, 2014
it's a novella, so it goes by quick, but it is well written and non-stop fun. I await more of these.

Not just for fans of the game., March 22, 2014
You don't really have to know much about the game to enjoy this book. Larry Correia has a way with story telling that draws you in and wraps you up in the world the characters live in. Larry loves story telling and he loves the world of the game and it shows in his writing. Give it a try.

I also have not read it., March 21, 2014
I have not read this book, but I think it deserves a five star review for the following two reasons.
1. The writer is Larry Correia. Larry, like me, is bald. I think it's important for us follically impaired men to stick together.
2. Larry is also a bit chubby (based on his photo). Chubby people like to eat. I think a 5 star review will help him sell more books, which will result in Larry having more money to spend on tasty treats like Double Stuf Oreos (which I've never eaten, but also plan on leaving a 5 star review for).

I have not bought nor read this book either., March 21, 2014
But I'm giving it five stars anyway, just because it was written by Larry (The Wise Latino) Correia, and I love everything he has ever written.

I am also using proper capitalization and punctuation in my review title because I am not a whiny git.

Great choice for an afternoon., March 20, 2014
Great story, amazing writing. Whether you are familiar with the world or not, this book will draw you in, I just wish it were longer.

It was a good read., March 20, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it was an excellent story. I just wish it was a little longer in length.

Characters were interesting and the story moved at an fast pace.

i have not bought nor read this book, March 9, 2014
come on people; you're paying 5 bucks for a short story. So long as people continue to pay, then publishers, authors, and amazon will continue to gouge. The costs for an e-book are negligible; pennies per copy. On an $8.00 paperback the author, publisher, and seller split about $4.00, sometimes less, sometimes a lot less. On an e-book it except a flat fee (about $200.00) to convert it to the format there are no costs. Anytime you spend $8 to $10 to $16 for an e-book; you are being gouged and when I saw a short story being sold for $5.00 I had to speak up. I am a fan of larry correia and buy a lot of his books; but come on people don't be chumps.

Best Hordes novel!, January 10, 2014
Of the two hordes novels that have been written so far this one is my favorite. I didn't think much of the Skorne as a faction, because they seemed to be too evil to be believable. Reading the book however convinced me otherwise. Although they are very much a caste society who doesn't shy away from dishing out pain they do have a rational society with reasonable goals. The book follows Archdomina Makeda before he was Archdomina and explains how she got her position as well as what it means to be a Skorne.

Good Fun, October 26, 2013
I enjoyed this tale. Although being Larry Correia I kept looking for the guns. I wanted to fire a clip or two. This story moves fast and furious. Author pulled me in from the first. I had to sit down and finish. A page turned.