So We Bought the Farm

So We Bought the Farm

Product Description

When Steve Riddle moved his family to the country, he never planned on starting a farm. Raised a military brat accustomed to the nomadic life, he never dreamed about putting down roots and raising animals. Most of all, he never imagined he'd write a book about it. In this collection of anecdotes about raising sheep, goats, cattle, and chickens, Mr. Riddle is a storyteller in the classic sense. He takes readers on a frank, personal, and rollicking ride through the challenges, missteps, and disasters he has faced as a beginning farmer. Hold on to your hat and suspend your disbelief, because these stories are so outrageous, they must be true. Includes illustrations by award-winning Native American artist Anita Caldwell Jackson.

What folks are saying about this book

“After working with many beginning farmers, it’s great to hear someone share some of those unforgettable, but often embarrassing struggles on the farm. This book reminds us all of the many adventures, successes, failures, and adventures in this business of growing things.”

Dean Wilson
Agriculture & Rural Development Specialist & CPD
Jefferson County University of Missouri Extension

"In all my years visiting with beginning farmers, I've never met anyone with such an uncanny gift for storytelling. These intimate stories of high-jinx and disaster are tempered beautifully by an obvious love for farming. It's a must-read for anyone interested in the blunt reality of farm life. Steve Riddle is one-of-a-kind."

Taylor Reid
Founder, Beginning Farmers (
Doctoral Candidate, Community, Food, and Agriculture Department, Michigan State University

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