The Heartbreak Cafe (Lakeview #1)

The Heartbreak Cafe (Lakeview #1)

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From the #1 bestselling author of A GIFT FROM TIFFANY'S and THE CHARM BRACELET is the first in a series of novels featuring the pretty Irish tourist village of Lakeview.

LAKEVIEW COLLECTION Books 1 - 4 (save over 50%)

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When a baby is found on the doorstep of The Heartbreak Café in Lakeview, everyone asks - what kind of parent would abandon their child?
Hollywood actress Ruth Seymour is home for the summer. But has an ill-advised fling with a handsome co-star resulted in a seriously unplanned consequence?
Jess feels increasingly left out as the only non-mum amongst her friends. Terrified she might lose them altogether, she embarks on becoming a mother too. But is she really ready?
Nina has come to Lakeview to live with her estranged father, Patrick after a bad break-up. But will she ever dare tell him about the secret she is concealing?
One thing's for sure: someone knows more than they're telling. And the truth won't stay hidden forever...
(Published in the UK as The Truth About You)
Note: Lakeview books can be read standalone in any order as they are all separate stories/characters. What the novels have in common is that each is set/partly set in the picturesque Irish tourist village of Lakeview, and features some recurring secondary characters and locations.

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Four Stars, July 18, 2014
Enjoyed this book. Now I need to find the other books in the series.

Too much whining, July 17, 2014
I tried but couldn't get through it, I couldn't connect with the characters, the constant whining from them and the way it seemed they were all out for "what can I get for me alone?" So I gave up, I might try again in the near future and if I can get through it and my opinion changes I will update my review.

I didn't think I would like this story, July 12, 2014
I didn't think I would like this story, but I ended up really liking it. The characters were very endearing. The name-dropping label on the clothes became a little obsessive, but other than that, I really liked the premise of the storyline and how well all different characters lives were nicely woven together.

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An Irish movie star and her friends solve some personal problems, July 11, 2014
Fun read, with enough background of Irish life to keep me reading.

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Looking forward to reading her next book.

Five Stars, July 9, 2014
A nice summer read

Many great characters to discover as the book unfolds, July 8, 2014
A great book about different women at different points in their lives but having some things in common. Nina who returns home pregnant and heartbroken, an actress finally just now being noticed in Hollywood and Jesse who is feeling left out from her friendship. Over the course of the book, set in Ireland, these women have to make some decisions about their life. Very well written book and I was satisfied with how the story all came together by the end.

review, July 5, 2014
book okay but a lot of type errors.

The character are interesting and the ending is nice, but just not remotelly believable, July 3, 2014
A little too unreal. The character are interesting and the ending is nice, but just not remotelly believable.