THE RECKONING: A Jess Williams Western

THE RECKONING: A Jess Williams Western

Product Description

Don't let the prologue of this book fool you; this is a western novel.

The Reckoning is the first in the series of Jess Williams western novels written by Robert J. Thomas. Jess Williams is an ordinary young boy with a loving family growing up in Black Creek, Kansas. That all changes when he comes home and finds his entire family brutally murdered.

Forced to become a man overnight, he vows to avenge his family's savage deaths. He begins to practice with his Pa's Colt .45 and then a stroke of destiny arrives when he discovers a new pistol and holster that mysteriously appears. Jess practices with it relentlessly until he becomes so quick that he is unbeatable on the draw.

He leaves home transformed from a boy to a highly skilled shootist with no reason to live except to hunt down and kill each of the three men responsible for the murders of his family. As he begins his journey, he does so with a pistol and holster that no one has ever seen before--and won't again for almost one-hundred years.

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niece holiday read, July 12, 2014
Nice undemanding holiday read in the classic western tradition , sit back relax and enjoy good old fashioned gunslinging action

The reckoning, July 10, 2014
This was a great book! Kept me up all night reading, had to find out what happened to jess. I love western books and this book was worth it

The Reckoning, June 30, 2014
I enjoyed this story about a young boy seeking revenge for the murder of his family. I had a problem with the young inexperienced boy becoming so mature, smart, cunning and very comfortable with killing men in such a short time. The boy was only 16 years old but the authors made me fell as if the boy was a grown, well rounded and very experienced man. I enjoyed the book over all....

Really good western novel, June 22, 2014
Not a boring page in the book. Non-stop action! Quite the surprise ending. Anxious to read the second book in series.

The Reckoning, June 20, 2014
Love reading these western stories..My dear old Dad always felt he should have been born during this time electronics ( no electricity), folks just living by their own wits..Does make you think how our live have changed so much..

Confusing, June 17, 2014
This story is confusing. I am not sure whether it is a SciFi or a Western. A special pistol magically moves through space and time to arrive at just the right time for this boy to learn how to shoot. Then at the end the origin of the Gun is mentioned again. It is almost like the story was written, needed something more then this special gun was created and added.
The western story was wonderful, but the magical gun was a bust. Or, the magical gun needs to be explained better. When I say explained I mean the reason that the gun moved through time and space. Who did it and why.

read almost everyone. i spend all my 'me time' w/r.j. thomas..., June 15, 2014
...and knowing my time w/r.j.t's gr8 reads is almost over..already feeling the dread of withdrawals... i did what any 'book junkie' would do ~~ found myself another 'book dealing writer' with just as good... possibly better better chit!! lol yup.. it took some diggin' but i found him! knowing that i surely can't be the only western book junkie out there.. i thought 'd come back and post my findings...turn you on to my new dealer (=. i know... aawww ain't she sweet. well..your welcome. it's how I *wink* *cough* got your notepad...pen? name is Ralph Cotton. best place to start.... Montana Red. you'll be hooked in no time! enjoy and happy reading (= ALOHA

Good over evil, June 15, 2014
With our world in the present turmoil we see, I always want to see evil overcome by the good that is still present in some of us. More killing than I like.

A good Read, June 12, 2014
Have always enjoined Westerns. familiar storyline. Well written. the writer would have made the novel more interesting to me if he had extended the story line.

Clint Eastwood should make this a movie, June 9, 2014
This is how you want life to be. When bad people do bad things to good people, good people get even. Old west justice at its most basic form.