Constitutional Law 101: The TextVook

Constitutional Law 101: The TextVook

Product Description

Find out all of the essentials about America's legal system with this eBook. "Constitutional Law 101: The TextVook," presents constitutional law in an easy-to-digest format. This TextVook contains 4,000 words written and curated by Ivy League graduates, and stars Dr. Vook Ph.D., a smart professor who explains everything you need to know about The Bill of Rights to due process.

Learn about free speech to Congress' spending powers. Whether you’re interested in studying law, brushing up on a history course you took years ago, or just fascinated about how America has evolved, you will advance your knowledge with this eBook.

Understand Constitutional Law like a history professor by reading these insightful chapters:

- The American Legal System

- Civil Rights and Equal Protection

- The Commerce Clause

- Congress' Spending Powers

- The First Amendment

- Due Process

- Criminal Law

- Sovereign Immunity

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