The Coconut Oil Miracle, 5th Edition

The Coconut Oil Miracle, 5th Edition

Product Description

A completely revised and updated guide for maximizing the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil
For years, The Coconut Oil Miracle has been a reliable guide for men and women alike. Now in its fifth edition, this revised and updated version has even more information on the benefits of coconut oil and shows readers how to use it for maximum effect, including a nutrition plan with 50 delicious recipes. Coconut oil is much more than just a fad. It is a uniquely curative elixir that has been shown to have countless health benefits.

When taken as a dietary supplement, used in cooking, or applied directly to the skin, coconut oil has been found to:
  • Promote weight loss
  • Help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and many other degenerative diseases
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Prevent premature aging of the skin
  • Beautify skin and hair

Dr. Bruce Fife is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on the health benefits of coconut oil. This newest edition of The Coconut Oil Miracle is updated with crucial information, including the latest studies on links between coconut oil and benefits relating to heart function, Alzheimer’s prevention, bodily detoxification, weight loss, and many other hot topics.

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Five Stars, July 17, 2014
i love what coconut oil does for me, everybody should read this

Five Stars, July 14, 2014
excellent book,

Coconut oil - miracle healing testimonial, July 11, 2014
I purchased the book at local Sam's club just out of curiosity. A few days later it helped me to witness miracle healing. I spilled hot coffee cup on myself accidentally, and momentarily large area of my skin turned red and started to burn very painful. I read in this book that coconut oil helps to treat the burns, and I had some organic extra virgin coconut oil in my kitchen, so I applied it immediately, and then added some fresh aloe vera gel too. In a few minutes the pain was gone. I continued applying the oil as soon as it was adsorbed, several times. Then in a few minuted I noticed that redness was getting weaker... It was dissolving in front of my eyes. After about 3 hours my skin was healed 100%. It looked like nothing ever happened. That was a miracle to me, because I expected to get blisters and suffer for another 2-3 weeks after a burn like that.

So, after that I became a huge fan of coconut oil! I found delicious way to add it to my diet easily - mix 1 tsp of raw honey with the same amount of coconut oil and have it as a "desert" with my tea after a meal.

Good beginnings, July 10, 2014
There is so much valuable information that the average person would never know or find out from their "general practitioner" (Dr.). Doctors are in the business, yes it is a big business, to give you prescription drugs for anything and everything whether you really can benefit or not. It is far more safe and clearly obvious that we can find most cures for what ails us from "mother nature". It has been provided and all we need to do is read more and not believe what Big Pharma is selling. Trust me, it's all about the $$$. It's never about curing a sickness. So on this note, I firmly believe that the information provided in this book is a great foundation and beginning for learning more about what is readily available to us from nature and to continue researching. I have been using the oil for lots of everyday uses and replacing it with anything made with "vegetable/soybean" oils as in hydrogenated =bad. Give it a try and always remember to "walk slowly to the Dr's office" they, just like your car dealer/repairman will ALWAYS find something wrong and prescribe some chemical that will cause something else through a "side effect".

I have been testing the recipes and techniques and they are giving great results. It sure beats taking drugs, July 9, 2014
An outstanding book of information. I have been testing the recipes and techniques and they are giving great results. It sure beats taking drugs. It's marvelous the things that are naturally available to help our bodies instead of polluting it.

One Star, July 9, 2014
wonderful book; sharing it with others.

Excellent book with all the info you ever wanted to ..., July 6, 2014
Excellent book with all the info you ever wanted to know about what Coconut oil can heal.
Can highly recommend it.

Great information you don't get from the normal media outlets, July 2, 2014
This is the third copy I've bought, gave away the first two. Great information you don't get from the normal media outlets.

Fun and useful reading, July 2, 2014
Learned a lot about coconut oil. I bought some refined coconut oil to line my pots and pans for cooking and also bought a jar of virgin coconut oil and started taking a tablespoon a day straight out of the bottle. He recommends 3 1/2 tablespoons a day which would be 400 calories or 20% of my daily caloric intake. I won't be able to see if his recommendations are miraculous because I'm not following his 3 1/2 tablespoon plan. I did learn a lot and it seems like a great supplement.

I am SO glad I decided to go ahead and purchase it, June 29, 2014
I have a couple other books by Bruce Fife, thus I almost didn't buy this particular one. I am SO glad I decided to go ahead and purchase it! It is VERY GOOD, and contains a wealth of information about the properties and benefits of using coconuts and coconut oil in your daily diet. The history and health status of Pacific Islanders, who have used coconuts on a daily basis for centuries, is very intriguing. I have been incorporating pure, virgin coconut into my diet for awhile now, and I will continue to do so, and in even higher proportions, from now on. Thank you for this book, Mr. Fife!