Cosmic Trigger III: My Life After Death

Cosmic Trigger III: My Life After Death

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This, the long-awaited third volume of the Cosmic Trigger series, includes Wilson's witty and humorous observations about the widely spread (and, happily, premature) announcement of his demise. And, of course, what Wilson masterpiece would be complete without synchronicities, religious fanatics, UFOs, crop circles, paranoia, pompous scientists, secret societies, high tech, black magic, quantum physics, hoaxes (real and fake), Orson Welles, James Joyce, Carl Sagan, Madonna, and The Vagina of Nuit.

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Right Book, Wrong Cover, November 13, 2013
It is the book I wanted, so I'm glad to complete my Cosmic Trigger collection, however the cover displayed in the picture is not the one I was sent -- so it doesn't match my other two. This agitates my OCD pretty hard.

MUST READ all 3!, June 29, 2009
This should be mandatory reading for everyone! ha ha! Okay everyone with a brain! RAW is awesome and this series is just magical! If there is life on other planets I really hope they grab a copy of this early on in studying humans - especially American Humans. THIS is how history books should be written!

A nice ending to the trilogy of wickedly entertaining brain food, September 26, 2007
If you enjoyed the first two Cosmic Trigger books, pick this one up. I would recommend reading the first two books initially but you don't have to in order to get a lot out of this one. RAW makes me laugh and think and laugh again. I like to keep a notepad nearby to jot down people, subjects etc. he mentions, for more research later on. His writings have opened up many doors for many people.

I found this third book to be easier to follow and more focused on it's thesis than the previous volumes. For me, reading all three in sequence seemed to work very well. Enjoy!

Wilsonian Romp, January 14, 2003
There really is not much for me to say on this one. It's just a fun ride. The kind you come to expect with Wilson. It is book you can read without having read the Cosmic Trigger books, but it helps.

What a conclusion, April 22, 2002
How many books can begin with their author dieing? Well, it seems that nothing is impossible to Robert Anton Wilson. Finding out about his death on the internet, Wilson takes us along another journey of self discovery and an examination of belief systems.
The story takes us to Ireland and unveils a host of new story lines to help you question the way you look at the world and help you to expand your mind. While this book comes close to the second book in the series, it falls just short of being equally as excellent. Wilson again attacks his topic through the intertwining of several story lines and does not disappoint. For anyone new to Wilson, you may wish to start with the second book in the series. If you have read the first two books, this one is definitely an excellent ending to the series.

OK, HERE'S THE DEAL...., March 13, 2002
I feel that Wilson might be a genius. He seems to me to be smart enough to realize that his opinion isn't necessarily the best one. He's careful to state that his opinions are just that, OPINIONS. This colors everything he does. {People looking for answers should run screaming the other way.)
This is a set of essays, strung together in a manner that will make you think. His style as an essayist is engaging. In fact, I enjoy his essays more than his novels. Even when I disagree with Wilson (which might very well happen if you read with an open mind), I still find something to think about and consider.
I think that his books are designed to be mind-openers, not mind closers...I actually met a RAW-Dogmatic guy once, and after I finished laughing, tried to show him that (in my opinion) he missed the message.
This seems to me to be a fantastic book. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Brilliant "mid-wing" essays., March 15, 2001
I think it's impossible for Robert Anton Wilson to write a non-interesting book. (Unfortunately he's gone into virtual retirement since the death of this wife.) While "Trigger III" has very little to do with the first book, (actually none of them have any connection other than title ) it's just a spellbinding read. To me, only RAW can write about what would be considered incidental and trival to most people and just make one gasp at the taken-for-granted mysteries and subtleties of existence. Such as, why IS the Mona Lisa cannonized as a masterpiece while works of equal of vast superioriority not? Here(as in all his books)he absolutely blasts away both materialistic dogma (Carl sagan, CISCOP, politicans)and religious dogma ( all of 'em ).
Wilson is a philosopher who can see the beauty AND the B.S. of life. He intelligently explains having mystical expericences as a STARTING point to exploration, not a new dogma to shove down people's throats. In my opinion, no other writer is better in explaining and exposeing how the world is with more honesty, knowledge and HUMOR. ( This applies to litterally ALL his books, not just CT III)
To my knowledge this is the last book Wilson has released. I sure hope he writes another before he "moves on". His works have literally transfromed me into, I think, a far wiser person. Hopefully for you as well.

This Book is a Fake, May 14, 2000
Robert Anton Wilson's final part of his Cosmic Trigger Series proves that from the beginning its all a conspiracy. Even his own death was just a hoax. Can you prove normalcy beyond a shadow of a doubt? Although I found this part one of the best, I would still say to read part 1, then part 2, in that order. Wilson argues Evolution and Creationism, political correctness, Carl Sagan and of course, conspiracies. Well thought out with the reading that doubles upon itself, you will find how information adds up into another line of thinking. Certainly a classic RAW book! Highly reccomended!

i had to keep reading chapters over and over because there was so much information i couldnt understand it all at once.

Quite worth the read!, January 7, 1999
RAW Goes off! In this tightly-bound bundle of essays, he does one of the things he has always done-- He uncovers the masks of perception and boils to the surface a sticky substance made partly of wonder, partly of cynicism, and partly of frustration. I found myself skipping around the book in no particular order until I had read the book three times. Every now and then, I take it off my shelf, and re-read bits of it to rejuvinate my understanding of just how silly we all are, and how much that increases when we begin to take ourselves seriously.
Though he glosses over certain concepts that could merit either their own chapter, or at least a one-line clarification, most fans of UFO's, Secret Societies, Hoaxes, as well as those who enjoy studying the credulous should find endless enjoyment in this insightful, funny, and sometimes touching book from the man who may be dead, and the posthumous victim of a hoax (of himself).