Thirty-Five Techniques Every Counselor Should Know

Thirty-Five Techniques Every Counselor Should Know

Product Description

A concise but thorough look at invaluable applied counseling skills, this book provides detailed information on 35 counseling techniques from varied theoretical approaches to help clients from all backgrounds create changes in their lives and meet their counseling goals.


While most introductory counseling skills classes in counselor education programs use a microskills approach supplemented with a theories text that provides a cursory glance at theory-based techniques, most counseling students enter their field without advanced instruction on the application of theory-based techniques to the counseling process. This first edition text strives to provide that missing piece — it is a succinct text that can be used as a secondary text in a theories, techniques, practicum, internship, or advanced or applied skills course that presents in-depth treatment of the major theory-based techniques that counselors use.


The text informs counselors of the theoretical basis underlying each technique and the common variations for implementation. Each technique is accompanied by research that informs the counselor of which techniques are best with which populations and each theoretical approach includes the multicultural implications for applying the approach to counseling clients from diverse cultures. The book also gives readers transcripts that illustrate how to use the techniques in sessions as well as outcomes research that informs counselors of the most effective ways to use these counseling techniques in practice with diverse clients.

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